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Co-Founder, Pat Olson of 4-AAAA Sports interviews CONO Chairman. Pat asks questions about the new open-source, cross-platform screencasting and streaming application.

Tony Loiacono, CONO Chair & 4-AAAA principle shares insights available for 4-AAAA Windows, MacOS, Linux distributions, and BSD.

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Professionals working with CONO

BEST of the BEST


Services That Bring LIVE Home.

Over a decade of IoT experience, over forty-years of NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR licensing programs and hundreds of marketing programs, it is time for a new phase of CONO. Our expertise has been utilized to implement campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies such as Vodafone, Verizon and Ford as a preferred vendor for Cisco Systems. CONO Founder, Loiacono (CONO) has executed numerous projects including the Connected Athlete with Jermaine O’Neal for Verizon, iPushJobs for Equifax using Employees as social human resource solicitors (for points online) and initiating the first Metaverse at the 99th National Retailers Convention in 2010.

Companies CONO has executed programs for include: Ford Motor Company, Carnation, Nabisco, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Mattel, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios, MCA Universal Home Video, Disney, Ashton-Tate, etc.

CONO is credited with the NHL, NFL, NBA license negotiations and player agreements with Michael Jordon, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Shaq and more. CONO efforts helped increase revenues of The Upper Deck Company from under $18 million to more than $300 million annually.

CONO currently leads a Properties Group with an emphasis on IoT and Connected Athlete technologies, while providing its clients for traditional OTA and OTT content delivery tactics.

CONO has implemented content for Discovery Network, The McDonald's Channel, Warner Brothers Pictures, NBC and more. CONO is also the Creator, Executive Producer and Writer of AnimalPlanet's hit show Faithful Friends. Wanda & Bill Goldberg seen here "one take Wanda."


CONO Content Development Technology

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Formed in 1986 by CONO, the NHL Celebrity All Star Hockey Team featured NHL Hall of Famers, playing with and coached by some of Hollywoodss most famous faces and the 1980 Gold Medal winning Olympic Team. Click on Pic.


SHAQ and Loiacono (CONO) designed the SHAQ SST Explorer for FORD MOTOR COMPANY. It was featured internationally and sold a selected Ford Dealers in North America. Launched at Beverly Hills Ford to a All-Star Cast. Click on Pic.


CONO worked extensively with CISCO, Vodafone and Verizon to launch the #ConnectedAthlete in 2012. Launching the Connected Shoe as developed with Jermaine O'Neal and a team of NBA doctors and professionals. The 1st ever.

Signed MJ To Upper Deck

In 1991, Loiacono signed Michael Jordon to the longest affinity agreement, outside NIKE, and helped lead the company to become the #2 Brand only behind NIKE in Sports. He also signed MJ to the only agreement outside Upper Deck in 1993 for the Ted Williams Card Company.

Building for the Future.

CONO was actively involved in the rebranding of Ford Parts to Motorcraft as his introduction to Packaged Goods Marketing. In 1979, as the Account Executive for Robert Landau Associates, Loiacono was responsible for trade and consumer marketing efforts of the rebrand. Motorcraft parts included: Batteries, Spark Plugs, Air/Oil Filters and the loss-leader Motorcraft Oil.

Intellectual Properties

CONO has numerous intellectual properties in its coffers. #NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon and #WWE Legend Bill Goldberg as #Characters as developed for an Saturday Morning Television Show on NBC and Animal Planet. Click on Pic